Acupuncture Pricing

Acupuncture Pricing & Treatments

Acupuncture treatments are available at several different levels based on the needs of the patient. Acupuncture pricing is listed along with each treatment below.

Treatments & Pricing



Acupuncture (New Patient)

A comprehensive session that includes a very thorough intake, assessment, initial Chinese Medical Evaluation and acupuncture treatment. $125

acupuncture - standard

Acupuncture (Standard- 45min)

A customized treatment designed specifically for your individual needs. Points may be used all over the body, front or back. Perfect for maintenance of chronic health issues. Often includes moxibustion and other associated therapies in the treatment. Requires Chinese Medical Evaluation prior to treatment. $90

acupuncture - complex

Acupuncture (30min)

Typically a maintenance treatment for patients currently under care. Using specific points in the ear, hands, feet, wrists and lower legs; this simple treatment balances the body to help relieve stress, relieve pain, and improve sleep and digestion, and promote overall wellness. $55

acupuncture - complex

Acupuncture (90min)

A comprehensive treatment that addresses both the symptoms of an imbalance as well as the root cause. Points are used on the front of the body then on the back of the body or vice versa. Indicated for acute conditions and long standing chronic illnesses. Often includes moxibustion, cupping or other therapies in the treatment. Requires New Patient Appointment prior to treatment. $140


Acupuncture & Massage

Same as a Standard Acupuncture Treatment but also includes Orthopedic Massage or Chinese TuiNa for effected area. Appropriate for complicated musculoskeletal issues with underlying disharmonies. Requires New Patient Appointment prior to treatment. $140


Acute Care

In Pain? A focused treatment dealing with acute conditions. Does not require New Patient Appointment prior to treatment. $115


Stressbuster Acupuncture

A standardized treatment using 5-10 needles in the ears to treat stress, pain, and addictions. $35


Chinese Herbal Medicine

For many centuries, Chinese medical practitioners have been perfecting herbal medicinal formulas for all types of diseases and disharmonies. Combining the wisdom of the east with he technology of the west has provided us with pharmaceutical grade herbal medicines of the highest quality. To find out if Chinese herbs can help you, schedule a Chinese Medical Evaluation today. $65


Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy

Combining the techniques of acupuncture with the power of homeopathic medicine, Acupuncture Point Injection Therapy (APIT) uses pharmaceutical grade homeopathic medicines in injectable form to treat various pain syndromes. Prices start at $30 and vary depending on the number of substances uses and number of sites treated.
B12 Injections – A standard dose of B-12 injected into the arm or buttock – $25. A Standard dose of B-12 injected into six acupuncture points to provide additional health benefits – $25